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Your Employee ID : 103

Profile : Technical Marketing Engineer

Department : Tech Team (Marketing department )

NOTE : You are in the trainee period right now . And the total tenure of the trainee period will depend upon your performance and time period which is 1 month . In this trainee period duration you be given many marketing related tasks which will be having the incentive amounts too.

Since you are in the trainee period , you will be given a target audience . This target audience is same during the whole trainee period tenure so as to check out your marketing skills . You will also given learn the marketing and sales related training via video lectures which you can access any time.

Then after the completion of your trainee period and your sales performance you will be given the access to handle the main clients database .

Kindly read and remember the following protocols to follow during your trainee period :

1.Your Target Audience : Pursing Engineering students (Mainly from 3rd and 4th year of any engineering collage)

2.You have to understand their main burning problems , their career related things . The more you observe the engineering students culture and relates it to the industries they want then you will notice the burning problems and give them a platform in which they can implement the knowledge .

3.Techncal marketing engineer is different from the normal marketing engineer. Here you have to focus on the product knowledge . You are not here to sell anything . You are here to transfer your enthusiasm . Sales is a kind of confidence regarding a particular product or service that you transfer to the other person .

4.All the things which you will implement here are also implemented in all the companies . But this is just a start from a very small level . You have to upgrade yourself step by step .

5.And the very most important thing is patience. You have started from an Technical marketing within Target audience preferred to you , then you will deals with sales funnel , sales pipeline , Marketing campaigns , Team leader , Marketing Manager level interactions, Zonal Officers , Main Company Clients .

All the important updates and briefing will be given to you here .

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