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Dear Candidate ,
Warm Greetings ,

We are sharing with you the Main Project Portal for designing a project for our client . The necessary sessions regarding the projects are also included in this which will give you an idea for executions. Kindly perform the same operation in your coding editor step by step. A google drive access will be also shared for picking up some necessary files regarding the projects. Also, the sessions will be available on google drive too. The access will be active for you until you complete all the tasks regarding that . 

Kindly access your Main Project portal tasks here and start completing it: Click here to access

(click above link ” Click here to access” and enter below password)

Password : intern2022

Deadline for the tasks : 25 Days from today.

Google Drive Access :

Project Submit Email :

Process to send the major project files :

Step 1 – kindly save the project files in a folder and upload to your google drive.

Step 2 – when the upload is complete then right click on the folder -> share –>type email id

After sending the project , you can also enquire about the internship completion certificate here : Click here for certification enquiry

Sometimes support team may not entertain your calls due to busy lines, kindly WhatsApp us at +91-9616784391 for quick resolution of your query, Apologies for the inconvenience. Saturday and Sundays are OFF