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Solar panel tracking system that tracks the sun’s movement across the sky and tries to maintain the solar panel perpendicular to the sun’s rays, ensuring that the maximum amount of sunlight is incident on the panel throughout the day. The solar tracker starts following the sun right from dawn, throughout the day till evening, and starts all over again from the dawn next day.

There are many different kinds of solar tracker, such as single-axis and dual-axis trackers, which can help you find the perfect fit for your unique job site. Installation size, local weather, degree of latitude, and electrical requirements are all important considerations that can influence the type of solar tracker that’s best for you.
Solar trackers generate more electricity in roughly the same amount of space needed for fixed tilt systems, making them ideal optimizing land usage
Easy Installation
Structure is stable and more reliable. While the system is working, center of gravity and the axis are in the same position, thus eliminating the reducer bias.

Smart Protections
In case of strong winds, the wind sensor adjust the bracket flat, parallel to the ground thus preventing it from damage.

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